What Are The Best Features Of The Present Desktop Messaging Apps?

The onset of the person to person messaging over phones made other desktop messaging apps a thing of the past. Add to that the Facebook messenger and the iMessage, which has many followers. But desktop users are not being left behind with the new chat apps available online. [button-green url=”https://slack.com/downloads/windows” target=”_blank” position=”center”]Download Desktop Messaging Apps[/button-green]

Finding the best messaging apps

Having plenty of choices can be a bit confusing. What particular apps would fit your needs? Let’s take a look with this as a guide:

  • Are you working with a team?
  • Do you chat in groups?
  • Do you chat with other gamers while you play online?
  • Do you like text messaging?
  • Do you want free apps?

Taking Four of the best desktop messaging apps in evaluation

Here are four of the best desktop messaging apps that everyone can use on multiple platforms. Shown are its best features to help you gauge which among this four is the best apps for you:

Slack desktop messaging app

  • Free
  • With full features
  • Plenty of integrations to include support hosting
  • Commonly used with businesses and organizations
  • Clean interface. Straightforward and with style
  • Slackbot is an intelligent personal assistant that can assist you if you need reminders and customize to respond to specific commands.
  • Runs on Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Android

Discord desktop messaging apps

  • Best chat apps for gamers
  • Informal chat apps, not business-oriented
  • Featuring a strong chat support
  • With build-in Streamer –mode which hides the name of the player to avoid stream snipping. It uses the player number instead of the actual name as what is used in chat apps.
  • Requires only 1 username to join multiple servers, and all across the whole platform.
  • You can create a no-fuss conference call
  • You can jump out or jump in in a discussion if you feel like it.

WhatsApp desktop messaging app

  • Best in straight one-on-one chatting without the need for servers and also chat rooms.
  • WhatsApp serves to replace the phone’s SMS text messenger, but it won’t send messages through your present wireless carrier.
  • It uses end-to-end encryption through the Wi-Fi internet connection or through your cellular phone
  • You can broadcast your present status to all contacts listed on your phone. It broadcast for 24 hours
  • The platform allows free telephony service anywhere across the globe.
  • All travel through the internet and not through a mobile carrier.

Skype desktop messaging apps

  • Skype as Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iMessage service but Skype is not locked for Microsoft OS alone
  • It allows texting to individuals and group conversations
  • Skype links to Microsoft account.
  • Texting to individuals and allows participation on group discussion
  • Full fledge Skype apps across platforms and synchronize conversations through Microsoft’s cloud.
  • All travel via the internet and not via a mobile carrier.
  • Throw in files, photos, videos location on GPS and media conversations
  • Offers Voice and Video calling through Skype to Skype or through Skype to a mobile phone but at a fee.

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Based on the above information, Skype is by far the best desktop messaging apps. This app has many features like voice and video calling. Also, it is flexible in attachment like adding files, pictures and videos easily shift from PC to phone with synchronized conversation and a lot more. Above all, it is Free.

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