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Pale Moon latest version download is available now for PC and Linux. – The browser is a modification of one of the most popular web browsers, Mozilla Firefox. Because the browser is optimized specifically for Windows and Linux, its speed is much higher than that of Firefox. Pale Moon has all the features you need to optimize stability and enhance the user experience on the Internet. Even though the modification has been redesigned, the browser retains compatibility with many Firefox extensions. It even works with those that are no longer available. Pale Moon browser is powered by Gecko engine. If we compare it with the prototype, then Pale Moon has significant differences in the interface. The latest version of Pale Moon is 29.4.3, released on 14 December 2021.

The functionality of Pale Moon Browser

The developers have left the traditional control set and visual feedback. Here you will also find a group of navigation buttons that have retained their significant size. A bookmark bar that is available to everyone by default. There are a series of tabs next to the content page and a status bar. The interface can be flexibly configured and adapted for each user. Pale Moon is distinguished by high performance, which was achieved by disabling some points of the main functionality of Firefox. Also, to work, the browser needs a modern processor that supports SSE2. To make the most of all the processor’s capabilities, the code in the browser has been specially optimized.

Program functions:

  • Getting rid of unnecessary parameters makes it possible to increase the speed of work and use memory rationally, which preserves high system performance;
  • Open source code;
  • Optimization and light-weighting of the code, which allows you to change the internals at will;
  • High speed of work (surfing the Internet, working with scripts, etc.);
  • Built-in specially designed extensions and plugins against browser crashes;
  • Working with HTML5, CSS3, WebGL.
  • Safe surfing and comfortable work.
  • Available from the official website.

The technology-based on which this program is written is used in many browsers, including the Yandex browser. The program code is not only improved but also checked for malicious scripts, etc.

For convenient work, it is possible to transfer a profile from Mozilla to Pale Moon. All this happens in a matter of seconds, and you can save your data in the new browser. It supports a huge number of themes, plugins, and add-ons, so any user can customize the program to their liking.

Main advantages of Pale Moon latest version download

Pale Moon latest version download will allow you to experience the following advantages:

  • Support for 32 and 64 bit systems;
  • Work with the latest processors;
  • Regular updates;
  • Instant processing of web pages and invisible loading of scripts;
  • More stable version, fewer crashes;
  • Ability to install Firefox extensions, plugins, and themes;
  • Internal themes for design and expansion;
  • Partial HTML5 support;
  • Working with CSS and with all installed fonts;
  • Lots of customization and configuration options

Compared to the original cross-platform Firefox browser, Pale Moon has been optimized to run more efficiently on Windows by disabling several features. For this reason, the program may not suit some users. But for ordinary network surfing, it turns out to be very useful, since it demonstrates a clear increase in the speed of loading web pages (by about 25 %!). The Pale Moon browser is compatible with all extensions, themes, and add-ons for Firefox and you can download its installer for free.

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