ooVoo Screen Share Free Download

Screen share communication is a bit difficult for you if you do not have ooVoo that is the greatest communication tool. To make voice calls and video calls, the ooVoo screen share will work instantly. It has some desktop sharing features that will also allow you to share the contents on your computer. If you enable desktop sharing features, it will be just a part of the video call. This is like the conferencing video calling system which is launched for the workgroups. There is a new recording feature letting you chat with the participants. The audio and video will be recorded in the hard drive for the time limit and there is also free space available for you.

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Some Attractive Features of Oovoo Screen Share

Oovoo screen share gives hosts and participants a landline number to call. The users of Oovoo can make the call by plugging the conference into the audio part. It can connect up to six people but there can be dozens of users on the video side. The calling is free instantly.

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Along with the video recording, there is additional software that is the companion for ooVoo’s video player. There is also to main users of this feature but it is possible to show off the entire screen. Again it is possible to drop media files like pictures, music, and videos. There is also a built-in facial overlay tool to replace backgrounds.

Pros and Cons of ooVoo

There are so many positive aspects of the ooVoo screen share and generally, it is very interesting for the students it is easy to be connected anywhere at any time. It is again preferable to be connected with their smartphones instead of computers. Therefore, it is impossible to show an excuse for missing class or completing assignments. It is again interesting that they can be connected with social media like Facebook. The teachers can also be connected with them because it gives you the opportunity to add 12 people at the same time.

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Some people often claim that the ooVoo does not have all the features that can support the computer. Often, the screen sharing option is missing. That means, in smart smartphones or laptops, some features may not be a match.

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