Microsoft Paint Latest Version Free Download

Also known as Paintbrush or Windows Paint, Microsoft Paint latest version free download is an image editing and creation application that is easy to use and widely used. Microsoft Paint creates files using the Bitmap format. However, files with GIF, TIFF, PNG, and JPEG can also be opened and saved using Microsoft Paint.

System Requirement
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
Language: English
Price: Free
File size: 3.3 MB
Version: 1.1
Publisher: Microsoft

Microsoft Paint should already be installed on your computer when you buy it. It is the simplest computer graphics by Microsoft that has been included in all versions of Microsoft Windows. Since it has been running for many years in computers, this app has introduced many people to paint for the first time. Today, it is still in use on all Microsoft Windows platforms for images that need simple manipulation tasks.

Features in Microsoft Paint Latest Version Free Download

The new version of Microsoft Paint features a ribbon in its user interface. Microsoft Paint latest version free download comes with artistic brushes that give results that are more realistic. Their varying gray shades that give some degree of transparency make this happen. More features that are realistic include the oil and watercolor brushes that only paint for a small distance before you click again to continue painting. This gives a feeling that the brush has run out of paint. Get more software free

The new version of Microsoft Paint can undo up to 50 subsequent changes. It supports viewing of CO and PNG image formats, but by default, it saves images in the .png file extension. With this version, you can enlarge your images or make them smaller after drawing them. Text can also be placed in text boxes that do not have enough room to show all the text, and you can then resize these text boxes to fit the text.  Before this update, users used to get an “error” message when they tried to paste more text than the provided text box.

Paint 3D in Microsoft Paint Latest Version

Microsoft has continued bringing the best out of its painting app. The new version of Microsoft Paint has been designed to be the Universal Windows app that can be used across many devices with a regular keyboard, mouse, touch, or pen inputs. Also, to make the matter even better, this version now includes user-friendly features aimed to make 3D creation easier. Alongside the 3D app feature, Microsoft has introduced an online community where Microsoft Paint users can export and share what they have created with other users.

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Microsoft pain has served Microsoft Operating Systems for years. It was introduced in the early days of Windows, and it still is a mainstay in the Windows platforms to this day. Microsoft Paint has really evolved, and its basic features are much easier to use with your fingers than the previous versions. It has included many helpful shortcuts too that you are likely to find in image design apps like Photoshop. Today, Windows Paint feels like a basic Photo editing tool. Get the Microsoft Paint latest version free download now, and you will be surprised by the speed of this application.

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