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IObit Driver Booster Free Download is now available here. It is a program for installing and updating drivers on your computer. Driver Booster detects if you need to install or update outdated drivers, download drivers from the Internet, and then update the software.

Drivers are essential for the normal operation of computer hardware. Driver software helps the system to operate normally. The operating system accesses the hardware components of the PC with the help of driver software.

The Windows operating system includes some of the drivers and installs them during the installation of Windows on a computer. This is done so that the computer can immediately work in normal mode, without additional user actions.

You need to update some drivers over time. Patches or optimized versions appear that should be installed instead of outdated software. There are several ways to update drivers:

  • updating the driver directly from the Windows operating system through the Device Manager;
  • downloading the driver from the device manufacturer’s website (laptop, motherboard, video card, etc.), and then independently installing the driver on the computer;
  • updating and automatic installation of drivers using a specialized program.

The first two methods are not always applicable, for some reason. For example, the brand of the laptop is unknown. Because of this, it is not clear where to look for the necessary drivers. In this case, you can use programs designed to search for and automatically install drivers.

IObit Driver Booster is developed by the well-known Chinese company IObit. The application has two versions: free Driver Booster Free and paid Driver Booster Pro.

Main features of IObit Driver Booster

You will notice the following features after IObit Driver Booster Free Download:

  • updating drivers;
  • batch driver update;
  • installation of only certified stable versions of drivers;
  • automatic check and installation of driver updates in one click;
  • driver tuning for better gaming performance;
  • large database of drivers available online;
  • availability of additional tools for system optimization.

Driver Booster works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP operating systems. The user can use the free version of the program. If a paid version is needed, it can be unlocked in the application window after purchasing and entering the license key.

To work with IObit Driver Booster, you need to have an internet connection. This is necessary to access the online databases of drivers located on the company’s server, and then to download drivers from the websites of device manufacturers.

Finding Out Outdated Drivers

Immediately after launch, Driver Booster scans your computer to identify devices, and find installed or missing drivers. After the check is complete, the program window will open in the “Update” tab, with information about the number of device drivers that need an update.

First, the drivers are displayed, collected in a group called “Outdated”, they need to be updated to their current state. Drivers that do not need to be updated have been placed in the newest group.

Additional Tools in IObit Driver Booster

In addition to the main function of using the application, from the tabs of the main window of the program, you can get access to tools to optimize the computer, improve performance in games, and fix errors in the operation of devices.

There are two tools in the “Speed ​​up” tab: “Speed ​​up the game” and “Optimize the system”.

Enabling the option to speed up the game will stop unnecessary applications to improve gameplay. Click on the Configuration link for details on what you can disable to improve performance.

To optimize the system, they will offer to install the IObit Advanced System Care program – a powerful application for computer optimization.

The Tools tab contains tools for correcting errors in the operation of devices and obtaining information about the system:

  • Rescue Center – driver backup (available in Pro version), restoring drivers from backups, restoring the system from Windows backup points.
  • No Sound – Fixes audio issues.
  • Fix device error (works in Pro version) – faster driver loading, autoload, backup and restore, the extended database of drivers and recognized devices.
  • Fix Network Error – Fixes errors of network devices.
  • Bad Resolution – Fixes issues with incorrect screen resolution.
  • Clear disconnected device data – Clears disconnected device data (this function does not remove drivers).
  • System information – general information about the system and the hardware of the computer.

In the “Action Center” tab, it is proposed to install software developed by IObit on a computer, as well as applications of some other partners.

IObit Driver Booster Settings

To enter the IObit Driver Booster settings, use the program icon in the notification area. Right-click on the application icon and select “Settings …” from the context menu.

The Settings window contains several tabs for changing the settings of the IObit Driver Booster.

In the “General” tab, you can configure the launch parameters of Driver Booster and select the appropriate application interface.

The “Check” tab contains options for configuring the parameters of checking device drivers.

From the Drivers tab, you can configure settings that let you choose where to download driver installers, choose where to store backups, and configure the order of automatic backups and uninstalling driver installers.

In the “Ignored” tab, you need to add devices for which you should not search for and install updates. The program will not search for updates for these devices.

The “Network” tab contains options for configuring the network, choosing the method of connecting the program to access the Internet.

Updating Your Drivers

Before using Driver Booster to update your drivers, see the information on available device updates.

The user can immediately update all the proposed drivers in one click. To do this, you need to click on the “Update now” button.

You can update only some drivers by leaving the checkboxes opposite the corresponding devices.

It is possible to update one driver. Check the box next to the desired device, and then click on the “Update” button.

After clicking on the arrow next to the “Refresh” button, several additional options will become available for performing the necessary action with this device.

Follow these steps:

  1. After choosing the type of driver update, click on the “Update now” button, or on the “Update” button for the corresponding device.
  2. In the “Installation Tips” window, review the information on how to update your drivers, and then click the “OK” button.
  3. The program will create a system restore point, and then the driver will install on the computer. First, the driver will be downloaded to the PC and then installed in the Windows operating system.
  4. After the update, the message “Update completed” will appear in the program window. Close the program window. It has done its job.

IObit Driver Booster is a program for updating drivers on your computer. The application will scan and detect devices on your PC, display information about available device driver updates and game components. Install the required drivers in the Windows operating system using Driver Booster.

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