Importance of Microsoft Malware Scanner Tool

Month by month, you will see a newer version of the software from Windows Update containing a Microsoft Malware Scanner Tool. This is meant to remove any malware from the Windows system particularly if the system does not contain any antivirus program earlier installed. The fact is that this tool is not there as a substitute for a solid antivirus programmed. It is there to work hand in hand with the antivirus in protecting the system.

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What is a Microsoft Malware Scanner Tool?

Every second Tuesday of each month, this new version is released by Microsoft and it is meant as a patch to the Windows update. In case your computer automatically installs updates as part of your program, then you don’t have to worry about installing it. However, manual installation is possible and this is an important update and not just a recommended one.

  • It has an automatic function that runs right after the installation of the Microsoft Malware Scanner Tool. This tool functions:
  • To check for certain specific malware that has already widely spread
  • Removes them if found

If everything is just fine in the system, Windows will just run the tool silently without making a fuss. But once it detects an infection, it will immediately fix it and makes a report indicating what malware was detected. This malware will vanish after the computer restarts which is part of the requirement.

When was this Malware Scanner Tool introduced?

The introduction of this Tuesday patch was during the time when Windows XP was having insecurities since it doesn’t have any firewall. With the introduction of this Microsoft safety scanner a page would then appear to inform a user that these tools will check the computer for any kind of infection particularly called the prevalent malware (or Malicious Software).

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Why do you need Microsoft Malware Scan Tool with an anti-virus program?

It should be noted that this software is not in any way used as a replacement for an anti-virus program. Since this only considers a certain type of malware, so it won’t eliminate all infections. Its scanning procedure is only limited to the locations normally occupied by malware and there is no scanning for the entire system. What makes it worse is that this tool only runs one time only for the whole month and there is no scanning for the background. If right after the Tuesday patch and the running of the scan tool, your system gets infected, you cannot have your system fixed since it will take the next month’s run for the tool to detect what hits you.

Purging malware through Microsoft Malware Scanner Tool

The fact still remains that this tool is acting as a weapon for Microsoft to purge nasty malware and worms from targeting the system ensuring that the system will not get infected for years. It is not there to protect the computer day in and day out. If you want to know what malware it can remove, just download the tools and manually scan the system.

This Microsoft Malware Scan Tool may keep on popping in your Microsoft update. But there is no need to be apprehensive; it can work well with a good antivirus program as an added means to evaluate how safe your background really is.

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