Imo Desktop Free Video Calls and Chat App

IMO desktop free video calls and chat app is one of the latest favorite chat and call app which is widely used in the internet world these days.  Video call computer applications were considered a breakthrough in the communication industry. Many people believed it to be a great exploit decades before that. But the present generation can now enjoy calling and chatting anywhere in the world where there are cell sites. It is so easy to add contacts and immediately start calling and chatting for free. However, data charges also apply. Its pros and cons are stated below with its corresponding effects.

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Pros of Imo Desktop Free Video Calls and Chat App

Video and Voice calling is considered at a high quality, you can clearly see the person you are calling. Imo Desktop Video Calls and Chat App can greatly help family members bond with each other. Parents can easily call their children who are in college.

Easy to do group chat with friends and family. This is an ideal means to bring the family together wherever each member may be. It is like we are group inside our living room, where everyone shares his thoughts and the rest of the family can immediately react to it.

Easily share photos and videos; if you have these on your gadget, sharing is just a click.

Easily add stickers and Emojis as an expression of yourself like when you feel low, happy, agitated, excited, hopeful, and sick and a lot more (there are appropriate stickers for you to choose from depending on your mood.) This makes chatting more interesting and fun.

Makes use of SSL/TLS security for chatting and encrypts voice and video calling. It is easy to block unknown contacts including those that misbehave.

Easily identifies contacts when a call is made. When they are online you will see the word “ringing” if they are offline, the word “calling” appears. Your last contact will be indicated. Imo Desktop Free Video Calls and Chat App settings can be set according to your needs.

This app can be used on iPhone, iPod, Android without any SMS charges, IMO messaging over 3G,4G, and Wi-Fi for free.

With all these features, many have benefited from these apps. Many love affairs have blossomed too. Lost family members can be traced and through IMO they will be able to talk directly and can plan on meeting.

Cons of Imo Desktop Video Calls and Chat App

Unknown individuals can easily get into your contact list by an automatic setting.

Your last seen contact is easily known since this will appear on the screen. You cannot keep that information to yourself, thus invading your privacy.

You cannot give out your location or contacts through Imo Desktop Free Video Calls and Chat App.

Needs more improvement as an App. and in its interface too. Its features can still be improved.

IMO maybe a new app for calling and chatting, but the quality of its videos and calls is undeniably one of the best in the market. It needs more improvement though in order to be on par with the older apps like Whatsapp and messenger. Like everything new in the business, it will surely improve in time. That is if feedback from users is welcomed by the company and they will listen and consider recommendations from their users too.

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