Free 3DP Net for installing Ethernet card offline

Free 3DP Net is an application for installing suitable drivers for the network card on your computer. It works offline without using an Internet connection. You can use the program in cases when the necessary driver is not available on your PC.

Some users have found themselves in situations where, after reinstalling Windows on their computer, the Internet does not work. On the previous system, there were no problems with connecting to the network.

In the latest Windows 10 operating system, however, such problems rarely occur. During installation, the system automatically detects the PC hardware. It then independently installs the necessary drivers or downloads the missing ones from the network.

However, this problem occurs in Windows 7 and Windows 8 when the Internet connection does not work. It happens with the computer after reinstalling the operating system. If the system does not have a suitable driver for the network card, and the device does not have the Internet, the task is seriously complicated.

What problems you may face?

So you are out of net connection! The most likely reason is the lack of a suitable driver on the computer for the Ethernet card.

A simple solution to the problem: installing the necessary drivers for the network card by downloading them from the equipment manufacturer’s website. It is not possible to complete this task due to a lack of access to the network.

It turns out to be a vicious circle: you need to download drivers for the network card from the Internet, and then install them on your computer. But, this cannot be done due to the lack of the necessary drivers, due to which the Internet does not work.

If the Internet disappears in the OS after a reinstallation, you need to look for a way out of this situation. What methods are there to remedy this situation?

Unfortunately, the option of creating a backup copy of drivers in advance was not considered by the user because he did not know about such a possibility.

Other programs for installing driver software

There are quite a few programs for automatic driver installation. For example, IObit Driver Booster. But to do their work, these applications need an Internet connection, from where they download the necessary drivers.

The option of an offline installation of drivers will help to solve the problem. In this case, the missing drivers must be downloaded to the computer using another PC. Because there is currently no Internet connection on this device.

Most of the users do not know the model of the network card installed on this laptop or stationary PC. Therefore, the option of downloading a specific driver from the official website of the device manufacturer is no longer valid.

Offline driver packages will come to the rescue. The most famous of which is Driver Pack Solution and Snappy Driver Installer. The installation manager has a special assembly with a huge database of drivers that can be installed on a computer without the Internet.

To download the entire database of drivers, many gigabytes in size, you need another computer. The complete offline package is streamed from another PC via a decent-sized portable storage device. For some users, this method is not suitable due to the inability to use another computer to download such an offline driver package.

It is in such a situation that a specialized third-party software solution – 3DP Net will help us. This application automatically detects the missing driver for your Ethernet card. It then solves some of the driver-related problems on the PC.

3DP Net – Why do you need the program

The free 3DP Net is a separate tool from the 3DP Chip program designed to find and automatically install network drivers for Windows. The utility contains most of the most popular drivers for network cards from different manufacturers.

3DP Net does not use the Internet to find and install missing drivers. All necessary network drivers are already assembled in this application. You just need to download 3DP Net from the official site.

On the download page, select the link for one of the versions of the app: for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Both OSs are supported: 64-bit and 32-bit Windows.

Wait, you tell me – again I need another computer. You can use a mobile phone to download the program; the application file is a little over 100 MB in size. Transfer the utility from your phone to your computer to install the drivers

Key features of 3DP Net

The free 3DP Net program has the following features:

  • Simple and intuitive interface in Russian.
  • The application does not need the Internet to work.
  • Automatic detection of LAN and WiFi adapters.
  • Driver backup and restore function.
  • A portable tool without installation on a computer.

If 3DP Net does not detect any problems with your Internet connection, the program will show you a message box informing you that you do not need to run this tool.

3DP Net is portable and does not modify any Windows registry entries. You can copy the program folder to any USB drive or other similar device. You can later use when you need to quickly install missing drivers.

When solving problems with uninstalled drivers, 3DP Net quickly identifies the Ethernet cards on the PC. It then provides you with the appropriate drivers for installation. The program compares the local driver version and the 3DP Net driver version, allowing you to view the driver versions and release dates.

If a network card stops working on the computer, for example, after reinstalling Windows, and the Internet disappears, it is highly likely that problems with drivers have occurred. It is necessary to install a new driver for the network card on the computer. Because without this hardware is responsible for accessing the Internet.

You can solve the problem using the free 3DP Net program, which does not need an Internet connection. The application contains a large database of drivers from network cards that can be installed in the Windows operating system offline.

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