External Hard Drive Recovery Software

External hard drive recovery software because external hard drives have been our versatile companion in storing huge amounts of data files. And even in moving the files from one location to another. Likewise, it is our safety net in case of a computer crash, memory loss, accidental deletions, virus attacks, and many more. It is a common set up for our computers to have this external hard drive as back up storage for our files. In that way, we are protecting our data from anything that can jeopardize its existence.

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But what about if the one that we are depending upon for our data and files which is the external hard drive becomes the victim? Unless you have a series of back-up for your files, but if not, you will need all possible resources to recover them from a damage or malfunctioning external drive with the external hard drive recovery software.

What is external hard drive recovery software?

An external hard drive recovery software is the tool to recover lost data from the external drive. There is plenty of hard drive recovery software which can do the specific jobs with proven efficiency to target issues, here is a list of these tools and their best capabilities and features:

Prosoft Data Rescue is for external hard drives and other devices such as flash drives, cameras, recycle bin, and many more. It is good since it allows a preview of scan results. Also, it has a user-friendly interface with its integrated start-up button. It provides access to raw, non-mounting, and even corrupted partitions. However, this software has the difficulty of filtering scanned results while it cannot provide a preview of files.

Easeus recovers lost data attributed to deletion through formatting, mishandling, and misuse can work on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is available for personal use as well as for business. Accessing raw, non-mounting, and corrupted partitions are provided. However, this software cannot scan the full external hard drive.

Stellar external hard drive recovery software targets recovering lost data files from the Windows Operating System through thorough scanning and has the capability of recovering data from any damaged media. Scanning is based on the selected location and file type. This is backed by live chat support. This software cannot recover RAID and will cost more when recovering CDs

Disk Drill- is your Mac hard drive recovery tool that can recover both internal and external drives with a portable version. It contains special features for protection like the S.M.A.R.T. monitoring, guarantees on recovery, and recovery vault while allowing maximization of disk space. It is limited though since it cannot recover video and audio files.

Recuva is the best among the best hard drive recovery software that can rescue your data and files from a hard drive, computer, MP3 player, recycle bin, digital camera card, and other devices. It can even recover files from re-writable media. With an overwrite feature that follows military and industrial deletion to make files stay as deleted if that is what you want. It likewise takes away traces of any deleted files while allowing recovery from any damaged disks. Many have noticed though that its installer adds certain programs to your computer.


Each of the above external hard drive recovery software has some specific capabilities mentioned above, so identifying the right one for your targeted concerns will be easier.

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