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When Windows gets old and does not work fast, download Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019 and go for thorough cleaning of the operating system and drives. Without professional help, however, this is very tedious and hard to accomplish. More elegant is the use of optimization software such as the WinOptimizer 2019 from Ashampoo. With the tuning program, which is available for download as a free program, you can access important system settings in a dialog-driven manner and, together with assistants, improve the performance of your computer. Thus, the tool already shows problems right after the start of the program. In addition to the optimization features, the look and feel of the Windows interface can be easily adapted to your needs.

Remove Garbage

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019 deletes excess data and restores files that were accidentally deleted. With the Uninstall Manager, you can easily remove unnecessary programs from your computer. If individual DLL files are no longer needed, WinOptimizer simply bans them from the main memory. In addition, it includes a cleaning tool for the registry. The deletion of data that is no longer difficult. You can complete the cleaning up and cleaning of the registration database in one step if selected. The task scheduler can be used to automate these tasks at the desired intervals.

Optimize Internet connection and system startup

Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge & Co. helps the “Internet Cleaner” too old freshness by emptying History or browser cache and old cookies removed. The “Internet Tuner” of Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019 automatically adjusts the Windows network settings to the bandwidth of your Internet connection. It also considers VDSL bandwidths over 25 Mbit. Another boost in performance can be provided by the “StartUp tuner”. This module lists all programs and plugins activated at system startup, evaluates them, and thus allows you to identify and delete useless entries.

Stop espionage features of Windows 10

Windows 10 also has its downsides. The Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019 puts an end to the espionage activities of the Microsoft operating system and ensures individual privacy under Windows 10. Via the “Win10 Privacy Control” menu item, you can access apps such as calendar, camera, microphone or yours Switch off user data with a mouse click and prevent the display of personalized advertising.

Even Cortana is so in the barriers. Either deactivate the language assistant completely or prevent a search on the Internet and the use of your geo-data. Furthermore, even all locating features of your computer can be switched off immediately. For many users, the unsolicited “P2P updates” (peer-to-peer) are a thorn in the side, in which the own computer for the distribution of updates is “abused”. Click this to finish. If you do not want to take any risks, simply select the “Set to safe settings” option, and the rest will be done by WinOptimizer 2019.

Encrypt data securely

With the small tool “File Associator” of the “Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019” you can easily determine with which program Windows should open certain file types. Folders and files can be split (“split”) and encrypted using the “File Manipulator”. Confidential documents that you would like to delete irretrievably, remove the “File Wiper” data shredder. If your hard drive slows down, the SMART tool “HDD Inspector” alerts you. With the “AntiSpy” module, you prevent, among other things, a passing on of Windows error reports to Microsoft and disable possible remote access to your computer.

Use font manager

Practical: The additional tool “Icon Saver” provides a clear desktop by storing the arrangement of the program icons. With a single click, you can move all icons later back to their original position. Equally useful is the integrated font manager, which not only gives you a good overview of the fonts installed, but also removes superfluous fonts from the system at the click of a button. Equally convenient are the benchmark tests for system and drives (Whetstone, Dhrystone).

WinOptimizer 14 as a free full version with more features

A significantly more functional alternative to WinOptimizer 2019 is the Ashampoo WinOptimizer 14. This free full version also comes with the “Duplicate Finder”, which detects duplicate files in an instant. The automatic deletion of your surf traces is just as possible as the defragmentation of hard disks and registry. Particularly interesting is the “proactive defragmentation” in the background. In addition, a game booster suppresses unneeded background tasks when it comes to the game power. The paid-for successor version WinOptimizer 16 offers a completely redesigned interface and enables the optimization of SSDs, the deletion of browser plug-ins, and access to large partitions and ExFAT flash memory.

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