Data Recovery Freeware

Data loss is a common occurrence in most hard drives. However, you can consider recovering the lost data through data recovery freeware. It is best to ascertain first if the loss resulted from physical drive failure like broken hardware, logical drive failure, or due to corrupt system or corrupt data which will need data recovery freeware.

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How to identify the cause?

There are different causes and symptoms of a hard drive failure. In a physical hard Drive Failure, you will not need the data recovery freeware but a technician who can service the hard drive, here are the warning factors:

The Drive indicates “Not Initialized” when Windows Disk management is used. This is a signal that there is a basic communication error. The usual result is the “I/O” error. There is no power on the drive since it is not spinning. In this case, it indicates that there is a problem with the hard drive’s PCB or Printed Circuit Board. This PCB functions to hold the electronics that are responsible for the operating controls of the drive as it communicates with the computer.

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For those who may have observed that the drive is hot, it indicates that there is friction which manifests a physical problem with the drive The ticking noise is indicative of bad sectors when the actuator tries to return to the same spot in an attempt to read the disk. The hard drive it is excessively hot. In addition, there is a louder clicking or grinding noise. The louder ticking or grinding is an indication that there is a major mechanical failure, so immediately turn it off.

For the above condition, it is best to direct the hard drive to a hard drive recovery service and not to attempt to do the recovery on your own. If the problem of the hard drive is not physical, then the use of the data recovery freeware downloaded online can be done. To identify this software, it must be able to perform the recovery of the FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and HFS file systems; deleted files from the recycled bin; RAW and unallocated, corrupt, or formatted hard disk. It must also be able to carve lost files even the though file system is either damaged, corrupt, or missing. Lastly, it must be able to protect the problematic disk from being written to.

What are the other qualities of this recovery drive software?

The easy data recovery freeware must support many devices; easy to use even for a novice to install the program and allows quick learning on how to use it. It should allow sorting of results in a gallery view. It must also allow during the recovery, stop and restart searches including also save and load search results. Lastly, it should have a program for disk imaging allowing the user to create a matching copy of the drive.

Data lost in many computers cannot be prevented, the good thing is that there is plenty of data recovery software that is not just effective, easy to use but also comes with a comprehensive manual to assist those who want to recover their data as well as learn.

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