Betternet Free VPN Download for PC

Internet connection is inherently insecure and since we are transmitting more data through this, we are exposing our privacy to different forces without any protection. It sends chills to think of how much of what we do online like the data and information that passes through our servers that can be harvested by companies for their own use. It is time for us to be vigilant and find all means to combat this. One area is through the use of a VPN service like the Betternet free VPN download for pc.

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Virtual Private Network or simply VPN is a service that keeps the web browsing of a computer user private and secure over public Wi-Fi hot areas. It also provides certain control of how a user is identified online which as it happens is through the IP address. The VPN world is not a scary world even with its outwardly intricate configurations; it is what it is protecting users that one should be cautious about, so learn how Bethernet free VPN download for pc functions.

How Does a Betternet Free VPN Download for Pc Work?

To put it simply, through a VPN a virtual encrypted tunnel is created for you to get to a remote server which is operated by the VPN provider. With that, all internet traffic is channeled passing through this tunnel making it more secure. Additionally, the original IP address will not be known and the user will take the IP address of the VPN server of Betternet free VPN download for pc thereby concealing his location as well as identity. To connect you only need to merely click a button, with no other required processes, and immediately you will be connected to their global server to access region-locked content.

Are there VPNs that are free for download?

Yes, one is the Betternet free VPN download for pc which is a free app and even for multi-platforms allowing its user to connect anonymously to the internet without the fear of being traced. Let us discuss why Betternet Free VPN for Windows is considered the most secure, complete, and most transparent VPN service provider around.

How can Betternet VPN manage its server when it is given out for free?

Though Betternet free VPN download for pc is free, it maintains its server through the occasional ads that they promote. Similarly, they have also a premium version that they endorse to their free users in case they may want to join for a good cause. Also, they offer app installations to their users and once the apps are installed they get to earn from the app publisher. Moreover, they offer their users video for them to watch to be able to connect to their VPN which helps Betternet get additional earnings.


With Betternet free VPN download for PC, you will get everything that a VPN service can provide on their self-sustaining free version. It comes with a promise of transparency, effortless system usage, and swift server connections. Topping it all is the support of a user-comprehensive customer service that is packed with blogs and valuable articles on its site. In this world where services are always being questioned, you will be glad to note that this VPN service is true to their promise and will always be concerned over your safety in the World Wide Web.

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