Adobe UX Design Tool – Adobe XD

What is the Adobe UX design tool?

Adobe UX design tool or Adobe XD is a fully optimized design tool that allows creation off wire-frames, mockups, and prototypes that can be displayed in live previews on the desktop and mobile devices. Adobe XD (formerly known as Project Comet) is adobe UX design tool – lightweight vector graphic and prototyping software specially produced and launched, the first time in March 2016 as part of Creative Cloud, and nowadays in beta form with very frequent updates every month, for UI/UX designers who want to improve their productivity, design quality, expand their business and much more. Software highly reminds of Sketch and is compatible both for Mac and Windows users.

Features of Adobe UX Design Tool

Adobe UX designer tool – Adobe XD is packed with tons of remarkable features – many new features, like creating interactive prototypes of website and apps, combined with instantaneous wireframing prowess of the impressive iPad app Comp, put all-together in perfect order. So, creating unique and eye-catching designs and apps is a matter of minutes.

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The user interface is very clean and intuitive and design highly reminds of the well-known Sketch. Therefore, for regular Sketch users switching from the Sketch to Adobe XD won’t be much of a problem. One of the new features added to this software is a Repeated Grid, which allows us to quickly replicate a group of objects and the changes are applied in all areas.

The prototyping feature is absolutely amazing. Creating high fidelity clickable prototypes. Also, linking pages to each other and previewing them in a separate pop-up window is an excellent and very practical feature of creating prototypes and displaying them.

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Resizing text is very simple and similar to Illustrator and Photoshop. By simply selecting text objects and resizing them just like an image would be resized. You can adjust the text size just the way you like it. This process is different from the Sketch since it doesn’t allow the resizing of the text like other objects.

Pros of Adobe UX Design Tool

In the adobe UX designer tool – adobe xd UX design, besides mentioned the Sketch look-a-like interface, Repeated Grid feature and Prototype mode and review, also full integration with the other Adobe’s products is available, so that quickly copying from the Illustrator or Photoshop and pasting them into XD can be made.

  • Content recognition – is a very helpful feature as XD recognized the type of content we are trying to drag-and-drop and automatically creates a mask that suits our content;
  • Sharing is effortless – added Share Online options where you can manage your prototype, link and much more;
  • Tentacle connection – allows us to visually connect the transition between artboards and the elements on them.

Cons of Adobe UX Design Tool

Like every other app and software, adobe UX software also has its downsides.

  • Lack of layer panel, that might be a problem if your screen becomes overloaded with elements, recognizing the existing object might be difficult;
  • Absence of styles and symbols – huge downside when compared with Sketch;
  • No CSS export – Adobe XD, unfortunately, doesn’t support this plug-in;
  • Almost no layer effect – only added Drop Shadow, big minus compared to Sketch.


For all mobile app and website designers this adobe UX designer tool is a big asset. Collaboration with the Illustrator and Photoshop, creating in a very simplified interface – very Sketch look-a-like, providing of Prototype mode and easy sharing are great features that will surely be improved in the upcoming months since this is only the beta version. This software is perfect for UI/UX designers (beginners and experts), product managers, or entrepreneurs who want to broaden their design skills to create better products. We can surely expect many updates for this software as it has proven to be a very useful and quality Adobe’s product.

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